Royal Blue Gold Bottle


A 24K Gold Hand Painted Blue Bottle contains Holy Water from the Jordan River where Jesus Christ was Baptized

Holy Water Gift from the Jordan River where Jesus Christ was Baptized.  A Hand Painted Bottle in 24K Gold.

Feel the Blessings bestowed by the Jordan River Holy Water in times of celebration and need. Imagine the peace and comfort of having the Blessed Jordan River Holy Water at your own Home today.

2-3 days total delivery time anywhere in the world.

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This Precious Gift contains 80ml of authentic Holy Water from the Jordan River the only substance that Jesus Christ touched which still remains today. Our highly skilled artisans exquisitely hand paint detailed showing beautiful scenes of Jesus Christ being baptized using Blue enamel and precious 24-carat gold. The location of the blessed Jordan River is located in an area known for its political sensitivity and by possessing this sacred Holy Water from the Holy Land, you are not just supporting to restore and maintain the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ at the Jordan River. You are also actively contributing to providing support to fellow humans around the world and promote peace and goodwill among men. “For he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8

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