Global Recognition

  1. The Holy Father Pope Francis Receives the Holy Water Gift.
  2. The Vice President of the Philippines Her Excellency Leni Robredo Receives the Gift of Peace.
  3. His Royal Highness Prince Hasan Ben Talal Receives the Gift of Peace.
  4. The President of Cyprus receives the Gift of Peace.
  5. The Executive Office of the President of the United States Receives the Gift of Peace.
  6. Executive Vice President & Special Advisor Middle East & North Africa Receives the Gift of Peace.
  7. The Coptic Pope of Egypt Pope Tawadores Receives the Gift of Peace.
  8. Patriach Kirill of Moscow Receives the Holy Water.
  9. President Putin Receives the Holy Water.
  10. Vatican Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations Monsignor Marini receives the Gift of Peace

– Courtesy of Peace River