Complimentary Gift from the Holy Land

Please Read

Peace of Jordan River is an official distributor of Holy Water directly from the Baptism Site in Jordan. We are a non profit organization which aims to deliver Holy Water to every household around the world. All of our sales are directed to support Churches around the world, help people in need and to continue delivering Holy Water worldwide.
This is Holy Water, authenticated, sealed, and stamped by Baptism Site, Ministry of Tourism and all authorities to protect the value and authenticity. Every Bottle is filled and filtered at the Baptism Site, filled in our handmade bottles and sealed. After completion, the box is stamped by the authorities in charge to maintain the holiness of the water delivered. We package every bottle in a way to protect the Holy Water inside.
We use an honor system with all our customers, as this is a non profit organization, to contacts us at anytime at our official email/ Facebook Page/ Twitter page/ Instagram page/phone/ for a refund, return, complains, and any other comments.
At Peace of Jordan River, we do not believe in satisfaction stickers, 100% guarantee, and all other stickers. We believe in protecting everyone's privacy and ensure quick interaction with everyone for any comments.
God Bless